UEVR: Default VR Controller Bindings

UEVR implements (or attempts to implement) 1:1 mappings from a default Xbox controller to a VR controller.

These can be rebound in a few ways:

  1. If using OpenXR, you can modify the bindings under Runtime
  2. If using SteamVR/OpenVR, they can be remapped like a normal VR game
  3. If using Steam with any runtime, Steam Input can be used to remap the buttons as well

Default Bindings

  • Left thumbstick: Move

  • Right thumbstick: Rotate

  • Left Grip: LB

  • Right Grip: RB

  • Left Trigger: LT

  • Right Trigger: RT

  • Left Thumbstick Click: L3

  • Right Thumbstick Click: R3

  • Left System Button: Start/Pause

  • Left A Button: B/Circle

  • Left B Button: Y/Triangle

  • Right A Button: A/X

  • Right B Button: X/Square

Special Default Bindings

  • Left System Button (Long Press): Select/View

Oculus Special Bindings

  • Right Thumbrest + Left thumbstick: DPad
    • This can be disabled if you want to use the thumbrest for something else or the thumbrest has issues