uevr.api:find_uobject(name: string)

Searches the UEVR_FUObjectArray for an object with the specified name. Returns the object as a UEVR_UObject* object, or nil if not found.

Should not be constantly used, unless it is for class objects, or objects that are only created once. Otherwise, use UClass:get_objects_matching instead or the equivalent UEVR_UObjectHook functions.


Returns the global UGameEngine object.

uevr.api:get_player_controller(index: number)

Returns the player controller at the specified index, which is a UEVR_UObject* object.

uevr.api:get_local_pawn(index: number)

Returns the local pawn at the specified index, which is a UEVR_UObject* object.

uevr.api:spawn_object(class: UClass*, outer: UObject*)

Attempts to spawn an object of the specified class with the specified outer object. Returns the spawned object as a UEVR_UObject* object.

uevr.api:execute_command(command: string)

Executes the specified console command. Does not operate 1:1 with the native UE console, as it does not pass the command onto the player controller, but should work with most commands.


Returns the UEVR_FUObjectArray instance.


Returns the FConsoleManager instance.